The Aspen Shops story

About Aspen Shops Online...

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Founded by Ron Lee in 2000, Aspen Shops Online has grown into a favorite location for quality hard-to-find products. Our first product was the Goody Folding Pocket Brush and Comb set. Once carried by many drug stores, this product seemingly disappeared from the market. Ron had been using these brush/combs for several years and when he could no longer find them in local stores he called the manufacturer, willing to buy a dozen if necessary (thinking he would keep some, give some to friends and relatives and sell the remainder thru Ebay.) The manufacturer referred him to a distributor several states away. The extra brush/combs sold rapidly at auction. He bought more and continued to sell them at auction.

Later Ron decided to sell several two-way mobile radios from a previous business. These radios had self-sticking hook and loop fastener material added to the bottom of the radios which would grip into the carpet on the floor of the vehicles. This held the radio in place. When it came time to sell the radios, he attempted to remove the hook-and-loop material only to find that the adhesive was much stronger than he imagined. Ron tried various adhesive remover products like Goo Gone and other citrus based products. None had any affect on the adhesive. Then he did some research and learned about un-du. He bought some, applied it to the adhesive strips and they came off instantly. Ron was impressed!

Ron thought that there must be lots of people who wanted or needed products like the folding brush and comb sets and adhesive remover. If they were having as much trouble finding these products as he did, maybe he should start an internet store and sell these products. And so the original Aspen Shops Online became a reality.

The name Aspen Shops was chosen after considerable thought. Growing up at the base of the Uintah mountains in Utah, Ron loved the sight of the quaken aspen trees whose groves provided a patchwork of color on the mountain side. As a youth he was interested in photography and some of his favorite pictures were of the aspen trees on the Mount Nebo loop. Now living at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado, Ron is never far from the site of beautiful aspen groves.

Today Aspen Shops sells a variety of hard-to-find products. Aspen Shops still carries folding brush/combs, as well as un-du sticker, tape and label remover products, hospital and home health care patient personal items, non-slip slippers and socks, flags of the U.S. armed forces, anti-bacterial food storage containers, Peeramid bookrest pillows, faucet lights, mens grooming tools and travel toiletry kits for air travel.

In recent years there has been more emphasis on products for home health care not generally found in local medical supply stores. These include such items as products for home, hospice or hospital stays including modesty apparel, fall prevention footwear (non slip slippers and socks), personal grooming items, pill cutters, rehabilitation aids, book and e-reader support pillows and similar items.

Aspen Shops and it's wholesale branch, Wilks Supply moved operations to Falcon, Colorado in June 2015