Terry Cloth Double Tread Non-Slip Hospital Slipper, 6 pair set

  • Model: MDTDBLTRExxxx
  • Manufactured by: Medline


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Soft Terrycloth Fall Management Slipper with Skid Resistant Treading on Top and Bottom

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These are the same slippers that are "hospital issue*" in many hospitals. Soft and cozy terry cloth double tread* slippers. Designed for safety with skid resistant treading.  Latex free. Made of 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester. Soft terry cloth on the inside provides extra soft comfort while absorbing any perspiration.

Double-tread design provides skid-resistant treading on the top AND bottom of the slipper for more coverage. Helpful for those whose foot movements cause slippers to rotate on feet.

These slippers are soft and durable. Terrycloth on the inside absorbs perspiration and provides warmth.  Color-coded for easy size identification. Latex-free.

Used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for patient's comfort and safety. Now available to the public in all quantities through Aspen Shops Online. Perfect in the home for every family member. Same style for men and women. Each pair is individually sealed in plastic bag. Six pair pack, priced per pack of six. Sizes color coded

"hospital issue" products have limited wearability, durability and are designed for short term use.
**Products from this manufacturer tend to run smaller than the size might indicate. Always consult our size guidelines before ordering
*Single tread means skid resistant pattern is embossed on the sole area only. Double-tread socks have tread on top and bottom for those who tend to roll their socks around the foot while in bed.)

We are sorry, but used personal apparel products will not be accepted for return. Therefore, we can only accept returns of this product if it is still in its original unopened plastic bag. If you buy six, and open one, we cannot accept the opened pair, but the remaining unopened packages can be returned subject to our returns policy. No returns are accepted if product is not in good and resalable condition, MUST be in original manufacturer’s packaging. Click "Shipping and Returns" for full return policy.

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 Low cost, standard quality hospital issue fall prevention slippers.
 Light weight, for moderate activity.
 Color coded by size. See images at bottom of page. 

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