Original Space Bag

  • Model: 65300
  • Manufactured by: ITW


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Compress - Protect - Organize

Vacuum-seal Storage Bags Large : ITW Space Bags are vacuum sealed storage bags for storing everything from bulky seasonal clothes to that extra comforter. Start by packing your bag and then use any vacuum with a hose to suck out the air from your space saving bag. Stay organized and triple your storage space. ITW Space Bags not only protect your clothing from dirt and bugs, but are water and air tight to keep moisture out and prevent molding. Being constructed of multi layers of polyethlene and nylon makes them very durable and reusable for your seasonal needs.

Large size holds 10-12 sweaters. Right size for comforter, blankets, etc.
21.5" x 33.5" (54cm x 85cm)

UPC 7 31810 65300 0