GoGo Pillow for tablets

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The GoGo Pillow is a multi-functional pillow that is built for tablets and designed for comfort. Fits tablets big or small: iPad, iPad mini, all Kindles, Nexus, Samsung, Lenovo, etc.

You can use it on an exercise bike, In the kitchen. On your lap, in bed. Because it doesn't need a flat surface, it's completely stable wherever it's placed. Our unique patented multi-slot design means your tablet is safe and secure, no matter what size it is.

The attached straps mean you can use it as a backpack to take your tablet with you, and even fix it to places like the back of a headrest to create a comfortable viewing experience on the move.

The plush, luxurious GoGo Pillow folds up into a travel pillow that provides support and comfort so you can catch up on your sleep when you're not using your tablet.


  • - Multi-Functional Tablet GOGO Pillow
  • - Available in Gray Only
  • - Fits tablets big or small: iPad, iPad mini, all Kindles, Nexus, Samsung, Lenovo.
  • - Holds your tablet securely and works on any surface.
  • - Allows easy access to power cord and earbud sockets.
  • - Unzip and flip to turn into a travel pillow or a back pack.
  • - INCLUDES Bonus Drawstring Backpack a $10 value at no extra charge!

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