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Burgundy Faux Suede
Peeramid Book Rests
Inspired by the Great Pyramids, this uniquely shaped pillow with bookmark props a book, Ipad or E-Reader at the perfect angle for reading - in bed, at a table, favorite chair, on the floor and virtually anywhere. Simply placing the spine of the book into the ledge allows readers a free hand to take notes, snack and truely relax.

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Dog Peeramid Blue Peeramid Sage Green Peeramid Burgundy Peeramid
Eggplant Peeramid Jungle Peeramid Cheetah Peeramid Kiwi Green Peeramid Red Orange Peeramid
Black & White Floral Peeramid Gold Peeramid Taupe Peeramid Pink Peeramid Black Peeramid

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 Peeramid Book Rest Pillow

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